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Not a dream… a plan and then a reality. 

Imagine this...

You, no kids, no husband and no boss and the destination of your dreams. A place that maybe you heard of, when you were little, maybe you saw in a movie. The truth is this place exists in your dream, deep in your soul. 

You will notice freedom in my photos, liberation and joy. 

Are you celebrating a milestone? A successful career? A divorce? Or do you just want to hit the reset button? Have you got the validation you deserve? 

Where do you want to go? 

To the solitude of Iceland, to Africa, to the Sahara Desert, to the strait of Gilbratar or Bosphorus, to the deep blue of Greece, or greens of Brazil, to the immenseness of the Grand Canyon, to a balloon ride at sunrise in Napa Valley or do you want to walk on the walls of China? I mean I can keep going here. 

I have travelled to over 20 countries and more than 50 major cities. Some of them more than 8 times. I have gone solo, I have gone with my family, I have gone with friends but I have gone. Traveling is the one thing that you will spend money on that will enrich you culturally and intellectually. These trips will give you a chance to meet other people, to experience other tastes, to hear different stories and to breathe other air.

I will not only be your photographer, I’ll be your travel agent, book the flights, book the accommodations and find experiences to stimulate your senses. I will bring the outfits for our shoots and hire make up and hair. 


It's not a dream; it's a gift for yourself because... you deserve it

Release yourself and feel the FREEDOM!