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Senior Portraits


These aren’t just seniors photos! They are story tellers. 


First you’ll show them to your friends and laugh at how your outfit isn’t perfect because it was picked last minute due to late sport’s practice, or how tired you looked from staying up late, studying for the biology test. You both agree on how much you dislike the idea of a teacher scheduling a test a day before your amazing photoshoot. A selfie is taken! 

Then you will show them to your family at graduation and discuss how much you have grown and how proud you make everyone feel, you are sooo ready for college, but them…not so much.

A few years later it's time to show them to your future spouse, and you both compare them. There will be laughter and the certainty that you both made the right decision back then, because it led to each other.

And finally, you’ll show them to your kids and prove them wrong – you were super cool in high school. 

Congratulations on your last year! 

Once you've scheduled your photoshoot, please download & review these tips for being prepared, so that it can amazing experience.